Our Connectivity

Happy Holidays to each of you and your loved ones. This is a wonderful, but emotional time of year. A time of gatherings and good wishes. A time of year when people need people.

I hope many of you were able to join us for the Tacky Sweater Crawl. It was a great night to renew old friendships, meet new people, visit interesting businesses and learn more about what they do. I believe fun was had by all. Even more I think we were reminded what a close industry group we are. Our companies are so intertwined in the work we produce and relationships are so important.

It made me very proud to be a representative of SMPS. More than any other organization, we epitomize the variety and connectivity of the AEC industry. We bring together so many different types of companies, but are able to focus on our similar needs and build a strong network of support.

The Sweater Crawl was a great place to see our organization in action. Not only did we enjoy the time with our connections, but we were also able to help others connect. Thank you for being a part of SMPS and this wonderful network we have created to benefit us personally, professionally, and our firms as well!

Brandy Willett

SMPS Wichita Chapter President