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At GLMV, we are big-picture dreamers and roll-up-your-sleeves inventors. Problem solvers and great listeners, CAD designers and BIM 3-D modeling experts. Landscape architects and interiors innovators, planners and project managers. We are steel and brick and concrete and stone, and we thrive on challenging, complex projects. We dig deep foundations with our clients, foundations that stand up to the inevitable challenges of harnessing form and function. The work we do isn’t just about a building, it’s about building strong, sustainable communities. We are honored to know that with every completed project, we’ve improved the environment around us.  Since 1919, three generations have partnered with GLMV to transform design challenges into opportunities.  With market sector specialties in Aviation, Industrial Design, Healthcare, Education, Government, Restaurant + Hospitality and Zoological Design our nationwide practice serves as a respected leader that seizes big ideas and makes them real.


Founded in 1965 as one of the first full-service consulting firms in the region, PEC’s knowledge is the cumulative effect of over 50 years of experience. We offer comprehensive services conveniently located in one firm, an efficiency that translates into time and cost savings. These services include design for mechanical, electrical, structural, transportation, municipal services, planning and water/wastewater. PEC Field Services offers survey, geotechnical, inspection and materials testing.

PEC is a full-service firm with professional engineers licensed in all 50 states. Our multi-discipline staff of over 300 employees includes surveyors, landscape architects, flood plain managers, certified planners and 20 LEED accredited professionals. PEC’s corporate headquarters is located in Wichita, Kansas with offices in Topeka, Pittsburg, Lawrence, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Fort Collins.


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Eby Construction has been Building a Better Tomorrow since 1937. We specialize in completing difficult, complex, and demanding projects—primarily with repeat clients—within and surrounding the Wichita, Kansas area. Purpose: To Build a Better Tomorrow. Through the facilities we build, and the services we provide, we improve the safety and quality of life for all people whose lives our work touches.


Hutton Construction exists to bring life into our employee’s dreams, clients’ vision, and community’s future. Hutton is a 220-person construction firm based in Wichita, Kansas, with three locations around the state to help serve customers throughout the central region. Hutton doesn’t think of themselves as a general contractor. Rather, they are a construction partner dedicated to construction management and design-build delivery methods. They hold tremendous respect for the creative process and design solutions. Their goal is to be inspired by their client’s vision, but more importantly, inspire others with quality results. Their reputation is apparent in the buildings they’re part of, but their most distinguishing trait is existing to construct greater communities.


McCownGordon’s focus is to provide the best construction experience—for clients, our industry partners and their team—during every step of the process. Whether evaluating the best use of a space or financing options during preconstruction, or overseeing the final install of fixtures before the ribbon-cutting, their team delivers the best building experience.

After establishing their reputation as a construction management firm built on the core values of integrity, performance and relationships in Kansas City, McCownGordon created dedicated Manhattan, Kansas and Wichita, Kansas offices to better serve all of Kansas communities. From reimagining school facilities to delivering visionary technological integrations, they are committed to creating centers of impact that serve and reinvigorate communities throughout Kansas, and contribute to the state’s overall growth.


nu marketing helps small to medium businesses take their marketing to a new and unique level. nu marketing provides strategic marketing for architectural, engineering, construction, and manufacturing businesses. Providing customized solutions through clear communication, we build lasting relationships with our customers. We write and implement strategic marketing and business development plans, conduct market primary market research (customer surveys), complete post project portfolios, implement and maintain customer relationship management systems, assist with internal marketing, handle all employee and customer events including trade shows, open houses, and parties, maintain social media sites, and write business development plans. We work with you to determine your marketing needs and find a personalized solution for you and your company.

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Connecting You to Your Information. ARC provides technology and document solutions for every stage of the building lifecycle—from design to build to operate. Whether it’s a construction drawing or a financial record, every piece of information you use drives and informs the decisions you make. That hasn’t changed since ARC’s inception in 1988. But, there has been a lot of change in the way information is distributed – from print, to computers, and now through cloud and mobile devices.

Today, ARC still provides traditional document services, but more than ever, they’re advancing the distribution of information via our technology. They are passionate about improving the way our customers communicate, and driving innovation throughout the industry.


Cocoa Dolce

At Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates, we believe in following our own path. Leading, rather than following where others might go. Innovating instead of replicating the successful formulas others might embrace. Because we grow from the heartland, we set our own standards, scouring the world for its finest ingredients, but adding to them an independent spirit evident in every sensual, decadent chocolate experience we create. Unconstrained from preconceptions or compromise, we are free to celebrate the unique blend of creativity passion and playfulness that gives Cocoa Dolce a flavor all its own.



T&J Studios is a full service photography studio specializing in corporate and wedding photography. Located in downtown Wichita, T&J Studios offers an extensive range of photographic and creative services, from senior portraits to corporate photography and design.