A Minute with Jeff Lackey

SMPS Wichita: When did you join SMPS?
Jeff: I’ve been a member for about 4 years.

SMPS Wichita: Are you a Wichita native? If not, where did you grow up?
Jeff: I was born and raised in Wichita and decided to stay close to home after college.

SMPS Wichita: Where did you go to college? Degree?
Jeff: I went to Kansas State University and have a degree in civil engineering.

SMPS Wichita: Tell us about your hobbies.
Jeff: I love to golf and I follow all kinds of sports. I try to make it to as many K-State football games as I can. My wife and I love taking trips to the beach and “unplugging” from the daily grind. It’s probably a good thing I don’t live on the coast or I would officially be a beach bum.

SMPS Wichita: What is your favorite kind of music?
Jeff: I like just about every variety of music. If there is any artist I listen to more than others it would be Kenny Chesney.

SMPS Wichita: And your favorite meal?
Jeff: This is so tough. If I’m eating out, I love going for BBQ or going for some spicy buffalo wings. I grill constantly at home so anything off the grill is a winner as well.

SMPS Wichita: What do you like about living in Wichita?
Jeff: We have a lot of amenities here without a lot of big city headaches. It’s very easy to get around town. The live music scene is one of the most underrated aspects of this city. We have many really good bands around. There are also quite a few public golf courses in the area that are very reasonably priced.

SMPS Wichita: So you’re married. Any kids or pets?
Jeff: I am married to Michelle and have two kids, Seth (3) and Tate (19).

SMPS Wichita: Tell us a little about your position at TranSystems.
Jeff: I am involved in a variety of things on a daily basis. I have an operations responsibility that includes overall office management, project management and supervising personnel. I also have a sales responsibility which I really enjoy because it brings me together with some really great clients that we do business with. I have forged some really good friendships with clients we work with and I value those relationships and feel an added level of responsibility in making sure they are satisfied in the work we are doing for them.

SMPS Wichita: You’ve been with TranSystems for almost 15 years, but where did you work before there?
Jeff: I worked for Professional Engineering Consultants for about a year and a half after graduating college. I also interned at Sedgwick County Public Works during my time at K-State.