Generation Z Recap

In Case You Missed It!

Our Generation Z speaker, Eric Wilson, shared how we as marketers, communicators, and recruiters can prepare for Gen Z (those age 7-22 in 2019) in the workplace. Great insight was shared by attendees through observations of company interns, new employees, or even children at home! Some take-aways to discuss among your company include:

  • Gen Z values authentic communication and they want to be change agents that make a difference
  • You can connect with them through “snackable content” – small visual chunks of information that can be consumed piece-by-piece on the go (think 30 second video clips)
  • They value a memorable experience where they feel they matter coupled with old-fashioned interpersonal communication

To learn more about Gen Z, Eric suggests tapping into these resources such as this one from Forbes, GenHQ, or AdWeek.