A Minute with Michael Frimel

michael-frimelSelf-proclaimed conservative extrovert, Michael Frimel is extremely passionate about what he does. The new Director of Business Developmen for WDM Architects is obsessed with current politics and enjoys a wide variety of friends.

SMPS: Are you a Wichita native? If not, where did you grow up?
Michael: I grew up in a VERY small town in southern Illinois and then spent 30 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma prior to moving to Wichita in 2012.

SMPS: Where did you go to college? Degree?
Michael: I attended the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Human Relations.

SMPS: What do you consider your hobbies?
Michael: I love golf and yard work.

SMPS: Favorite kind of music?
Michael: Anything but Rapp.

SMPS: And a favorite meal?
Michael: Anything but Sushi.

SMPS: What do you like about living in Wichita?
Michael: The people.

SMPS: Are you married? Any children or pets?
Michael: I am married with one son, Will who is 17, our golden/collie mix, Angel, and my WIFE’S cat, Tate!

SMPS: Tell us a little about your position at WDM Architects.
Michael: I am the Director of Business Development.

SMPS: Where did you work before WDM?
Michael: I spent over 30 years in hospitality and education.