Star Sponsor: iSi Environmental

ISI EnvironmentalFrom Humble Beginnings to a National Company

We’re honoring iSi as our Star Sponsor, in gratitude for all that its support provides SMPS Wichita. From its humble beginnings in a family dining room, iSi has grown to a national award-winning business with offices in Wichita, Atlanta and Tulsa. iSi has two operating divisions – Environmental and Industrial Services. iSi Environmental helps clients navigate EPA and OSHA regulations, providing not only consultants and engineers, but crews who conduct hands-on facility support services such as industrial cleaning and management of industrial wastewater treatment plants. iSi Industrial Services provides asbestos and industrial lead abatement to renovation, demolition and turnaround projects.

iSi’s commitment to providing individually tailored services, flexibility, and stewardship of its clients’ time and resources has made iSi a highly sought-after partner. Thank you for your support, not only of our chapter, but for our entire industry.