Strengthening Inter-Industry Collaboration

Several months ago, I mentioned SMPS collaborating with other industry related organizations; I also touched on collaboration within your workplace and your company. As we continue to partner and collaborate with other organizations to strengthen our chapter, I’d like to focus on how SMPS can be a catalyst for your firm’s collaboration with industry partners.

Through SMPS, you can find out about projects and work with other industry partners. Whether you are an architect, engineer, or contractor, you can learn from one another and find ways to get one another work. You will also learn best practices and what clients really want from their project.
Sometimes clients aren’t sure what they want out of project. It’s our job to guide them down that road. At the end of the day, it’s about having a happy, successful client. By working together as a team through the design and construction, you can strengthen those business relationships with your client by building good partnerships with architects, engineers, or contractors.

SMPS gives you the platform to build and foster these relationships. We give you the opportunity to build your business, and we promote collaboration among our members. If we can make our industry stronger and better, this not only helps our firms, it helps our clients, too.

Remember to take advantage of all the events and resources SMPS Wichita offers you as a member. If you aren’t a member, please reach out to Candace Wilson at She would be happy to discuss SMPS membership benefits and resources.

To our members, thank you! You continue to help our chapter grow through the collaboration and teamwork among your firms.

Lindsay Signature

Lindsay L. Young, CPSM

SMPS Wichita Chapter President