Member Minute with Hannah Scott

Hannah ScottHere’s a short and sweet introduction to SMPS Wichita’s newest member, Hannah Scott, Marketing Coordinator at Building Controls and Services, Inc.

SMPS: Are you a Wichita native?
Hannah: Yes.

SMPS: Where did you go to college and what is your degree?
Hannah: I attended Wichita State University and graduated with a degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications,

SMPS: What are your hobbies?
Hannah: Playing the harp and baking.

SMPS: And your favorite kind of music?
Hannah: Red dirt country.

SMPS: Hannah, have you met our President Lindsay Young? I think you two will get along great! She’s a big red dirt fan as well. But we digress, what do you like about living in Wichita?
Hannah: I like Wichita because it has that small town feel with the amenities of a big city.

SMPS: What about your family, are you married? Any kids or pets?
Hannah: I am married to Tanner Scott; no kids but we do have two dogs: a Lab and Australian Shepard.

SMPS: Where did you work before Building Controls and Services, Inc?
Hannah: Before BCS I worked for Brothers & Company, an advertising company based out of Tulsa, OK.

SMPS: Now tell us a little about your new position at BCS.
Hannah: BCS is an incredible company that is growing daily and I am excited to be part of it!