InDesign for Charts and Graphs

In Case You Missed It!

As A/E/C marketers, we all come across a large amount of technical information to use on proposals or collateral. How do we explain this information in a small amount of space? During this sunny side up webinar, we’ve explored infographic tips and tricks from Roxanne Marquez, a senior marketing coordinator who brings a visual consideration to all her projects.

So what’s the key to creating successful graphs?

Tell Your Story

What is the point of your story? Think about your purpose and create focal points for your message and audience.

Make It Relevant

Understand your audience and use infographics to get them to understand you.


You don’t need to be an artist to create visuals. There are basic techniques to help visually order information.

Towards the end of the webinar, we learned how to manipulate basic shapes in InDesign. Roxanne provided a quick guide on how to create circle, line and bar graphs, which could then be used as templates for the future. Overall, adding these simple design concepts will wow your audience while visually conveying information.

Generation Z Recap

In Case You Missed It!

Our Generation Z speaker, Eric Wilson, shared how we as marketers, communicators, and recruiters can prepare for Gen Z (those age 7-22 in 2019) in the workplace. Great insight was shared by attendees through observations of company interns, new employees, or even children at home! Some take-aways to discuss among your company include:

  • Gen Z values authentic communication and they want to be change agents that make a difference
  • You can connect with them through “snackable content” – small visual chunks of information that can be consumed piece-by-piece on the go (think 30 second video clips)
  • They value a memorable experience where they feel they matter coupled with old-fashioned interpersonal communication

To learn more about Gen Z, Eric suggests tapping into these resources such as this one from Forbes, GenHQ, or AdWeek.