A Minute with Sarah Volkman

sarah-volkmanBet you don’t know Sarah like we do — yet!

SMPS: When did you join SMPS Wichita?
Sarah: Just last year, so I still consider myself a relative newbie.

SMPS: Are you a Wichita native? If not, where did you grow up?
Sarah: I am indeed! Though, if we’re being technical, I’m actually from Augusta (making me the ultimate east-sider).

SMPS: Where did you go to college and what is your degree in?
Sarah: Proud Jayhawk here. My degree is in English, which seems to surprise people. Those critical thinking and writing skills translated quite nicely into the marketing and business development world.

SMPS: Tell us about your hobbies.
Sarah: I’m an animal nut. I love to travel, and have a special fondness for road trips (especially when they lead me to mountains). Hiking, community building, yoga, reading, and being with my favorite people.

SMPS: Favorite kind of music?
Sarah: Indie, folk, alternative. And the crooners, of course.

SMPS: What about your favorite meal?
Sarah: Does the sangria at Central Standard count? If not, some other favorites are Saigon, Lotus Leaf, Ziggy’s, and Tanya’s.

SMPS: What do you like about living in Wichita?
Sarah: Wichitans are hungry and loyal and kindhearted. You can’t beat that. I love how rooted we are. I love our sense of community, our rich culture, our indefatigable entrepreneurial spirit. Working in the Douglas Design District is especially cool because there are new adventures everywhere you turn.

SMPS: Are you married? Any kids or pets?
Sarah: My husband, Kelly, and I have a son, Peyton, and three dogs, Lucky, Bleu, and Bison. (We also currently have two foster-cats, Titan and Mummy, who are available for adoption through Wichita Animal Action League.)

SMPS: Tell us a little about your position at GLMV.
Sarah: I am passionate about relationships, so business development and culture-building are my strongest interests, hands down. And like many of my fellow SMPS members, I wear a lot of other hats too: strategic planning, proposal and marketing material development, website and social media management, traffic and coordination, PR and events.

SMPS: Where did you work before GLMV?
Sarah: I actually came from an advertising and PR agency, Sullivan Higdon & Sink. It was quite the change initially, but having that background has proven invaluable to me at GLMV. (Plus, I’m pretty skilled in the art of fun, and I’ve enjoyed sharing that with my fellow GLMVers.)